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The old saying “nothing in life worth having comes easy” couldn’t be more spot on. We have put a lot of hours into preparing the inTANDEM workspace to open and cannot wait until we start changing the way we work in north central Iowa.

I was asked the other day what motivated me to open the workspace. It really comes down to filling a need – one that I had and continue to have and I know that others do as well. When I started my marketing business 2 years ago, I did not know where to go. I did not have much money for rent and did not need a lot of space. I needed a place to work and a place to connect with clients. I was lucky that a local business owner was getting to ready to finish a small office in her building and it fit my needs perfectly.

After a year in this space I realized I was missing something. That was connection with  others. I like to brainstorm, I like interaction and unfortunately working alone does not provide that. Trying to figure out how to bring business owners together to collaborate and assist each other to grow our businesses was something I thought a lot about.

I attended the Entrefest Conference in March 2013 and was introduced to coworking. I was immediately drawn to this new way to work and realized that this addressed the issues that I had been struggling with. That is all it took and I was on my way to making inTANDEM workspace a reality.

With the amazing support of my husband and the rest of my family, others in the business community and a few introductions by those in my network, my dream is becoming reality.

I am so passionate about  making a difference for those in Webster City and surrounding communities that the hard work is a blur. The late nights cleaning, painting, searching for answers to make this space a truly “different” and addictive experience will be worth it.

On August 7th at 9 AM our doors open to the public. With myself, Jordan & Mahoney Law Firm, and Power Up YOUth as the anchor members, we will start on the next chapter of this adventure. We invite you to stop in for a tour and stay for a complimentary work day. We hope that you will find your time well spent and that you decide to join our space as a member.

Once the doors open, we are not done. Education and networking opportunities will be our next focus. Getting local business owners and those thinking about starting up their businesses to come together to learn from each other, to grow and create a more sustainable community for us all to thrive in.

Our space is open to both members and non-members and we hope that we’ll see non-profits and other businesses using our space for their meetings and events. We want our space to become the core of small business activity.

I welcome questions and suggestions as this space is not about the walls or the decor, it is about what happens within these walls that will  make inTANDEM workspace a place where folks will want to come together to do whatever they do. We want them to do it here.

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